Fund Raising

The research
My research will take cord blood and make muscle stem cells that are HLA matched to Alex, a 7 year-old boy from Poblenou, Barcelona, who has type II Spinal Muscular Dystrophy, his immune system will accept the cells and no immune suppression will be needed. When permitted by the Hospital, muscle stem cells can be injected into Alex’s muscles – they will graft and regenerate his weak muscles. This will greatly improve his quality of life, Alex currently has trouble holding his body upright because his spinal and back muscles are wasting away. The project is partly funded by the Ministry of Science (MICIN), but we still require more funds.

The research plan and timeline
The research will make accessible for clinical use, a protocol, method, technology and knowledge to make muscle stem cells within the first year. We will then apply to Hospital de Mar to make clinical-grade muscle stem cells for Alex for the 2nd and 3rd years.

Sponsored fund raising event for Alex
The swim
I aim to raise additional funds to make muscle stem cells for Alex by organising various fundraising events. A group of people will take part in a 2 km fundraising ocean swim – between Port Olympic to Base Nautica in Barcelona on February 24th, 2013, at a time when the sea is at its coldest. One euro for every 100 meters the participants swim would make a 20-Euro donation. Through this and other events we aim to raise ten thousand euros to make stem cells for Alex.

How you can help
You can help make muscle stem cells for Alex by making a donation. The event is organised jointly with the University of Barcelona, Faculty of Medicine.

To sponsor a swimmer or make a donation – please contact me or visit our Fundrazr page.

Thank you!

Dr. Michael Edel
Group Leader
Molecular Genetics Research Group
Control of Pluripotency Laboratory
Departament de Ciències Fisiològiques I
Facultat de Medicina, Universitat de Barcelona
Hospital Clinic, Casanova 143, 08036, Barcelona, Spain.

Ph: + 34 93 402 4518 Mob: + 34 657 866 926.

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Facultat de Medicina
Departament de Ciències Fisiològiques I
Casanova, 143
08036 Barcelona
Tel & Fax: 93 403 52 78



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